Solar Panel Installers in Worthing

Solar Panel Installation In Worthing

Energy Creation are a family owned solar PV company based in Angmering, West Sussex. The owners Ashley and Simon have been working as solar panel installers in Worthing and surrounding areas for over 5 years now.We are experienced in installing both domestic and commercial solar PV installations. We are specialist in the field of solar PV and solar electricity storage systems. We offer a turnkey solution from assessment through to commissioning and maintenance.

Believe it or not Solar Panels actually work best in cooler temperatures. Here in Worthing we get plenty of sunlight and lots of cool breeze. Especially those lucky ones near the Seafront, High Salvington and Longlands. Solar PV installers have loved basking in the sun whilst putting solar panels on roofs in West Sussex, especially us!

Some FAQ’s we get asked about solar PV:

How much does it cost to install solar panels?
How long does it take to install solar panels?
Can I get Paid for the Electricity I Generate?
Do I need Planning Permission?

The benefits of installing Solar PV

Save Money on Your Electricity Bill
By creating your own electricity using solar panels you can use it in your own home or business meaning you won’t have to buy as much.
Get Paid For The Electricity You Generate
The electricity your solar panels produce your utility company pays for. Even if you use it for yourself.
Sell Electricity to the Grid
The electricity you don’t use you get paid extra. This is deemed at 50% of what your panels generate. (for systems under 30kW)
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Solar PV is renewable energy. Ever year a typical home could produce enough from solar panels to save a tonne of carbon dioxide.
Become more independent from the Grid
If you decide to store the solar power into batteries you can use it in the evenings and during power cuts, meaning less of the need for the utility companies.
3.68kW Solar Panel System by Worthing Solar Installer

Energy Creation – Solar Panels installed in Worthing, West Sussex.

Case Study – Mr & Mrs L – Use Solar Panel Installers in Worthing, West Sussex

Case Study – Installers at Energy Creation have done a fantastic job here in Worthing, West Sussex. A total of 3.68kW of solar panels have been installed at our clients property. The Solar Power will be used to provide free electricity to the house and saving’s in CO2 Emissions. The system is made up of several inverters and 15 solar panels. Mr & Mrs L are delighted and even more so with the solar battery storage system, that ends up storing the solar power for use at night. This works well as most of the family are out in the day when the solar power is being produced.

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Solar Panel Installers in Worthing

Energy Creation- 8 Solar Panels installed in Worthing, West Sussex.

Case Study – Mr D – Has 8 Solar Panels installed in Worthing, West Sussex

Another case study in Worthing. Mr D has eight solar photovoltaic (Solar PV) panels installed on his house in Worthing. The system is performing extremely well providing free electricity and feed in tariff payments to the household on the south coast. Mr D is very enthusiastic about solar power and is considering using Energy Creation to install some more solar panels in his garden along with a potential battery storage system.  Mr D explains that the combination of installing solar PV and keeping your home energy efficient is a great strategy to paying a lot less to your electricity company, in fact the energy company ends up owing money through the feed in tariff scheme. Several solar panel installers in Worthing would agree solar power and renewable energy is on the up in the town!

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