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Energy Creation is a solar panel company, operating throughout West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent, and London.

Some of the main sectors we work in are, solar panels for; homes, new build and developments, business, off-grid, carport and building integrated photovoltaics.

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Solar Panel Services

Energy Creation; A solar panel company in West Sussex, working within two major disciplines. These are solar panels and solar battery storage systems. One of our strongest selling points, therefore, is that we can offer a neat package to our clients that can include; solar PV and battery storage.

Solar panel installers, Ash and Simon
Ash and Simon at the Bodyshop solar panel installation in Littlehampton, West Sussex.

So if your looking for a solar panel installer then you have come to the right place.

The owners of Energy Creation have been installing solar panels in West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and Kent for many years both in the commercial and residential market.

We offer a turnkey solution in the installation of solar panels from design, installation right through to commissioning and maintenance.

I’m sure you are curious to delve deeper and learn more about solar panels, so can I interest you in some further reading..?

What are solar photovoltaic panels?

Solar photovoltaic panels generate electricity. They work by converting daylight into energy, even on days where it is overcast. Solar panels are sometimes referred to as solar photovoltaic or Solar PV for short. In addition, you may also hear solar PV refereed to as Solar Electricity.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels are made up of solar cells. Solar Cells are made from Silicon which is a semiconductor. The light given from the sun energizes electrons inside the silicon cells. The electrons are manipulated to flow in a uniform manner creating a useful electric current.
The electric current created by the solar cells is connected in a series with other cells creating a solar panel. In most cases, solar panels create Direct Current also known as DC. This can be used to power DC appliances or batteries but this is not very common. Most homes and businesses in the UK require alternating current also known as AC. A typical solar installation, above all, will have an inverter that converts the solar power from DC into AC.

How much do Solar Panels Cost?

Caution, this is a guideline price, therefore, it is rough, but, £700 – £1500 per kW is a guide, depending on what type of kit you install and your chosen solar panel installer.


In one minute the sun provides enough energy to supply the whole world’s energy needs for an entire year.

A Solar panel is made up of photovoltaic cells. A Solar array is made up of a group of solar panels.

Solar PV is used to power many different things such as calculators, torches, boats and even planes. However, it is most common in homes and businesses.

In the UK we have seen a huge increase in the use of solar panels to power our homes and business. This is largely due to the introduction of the feed-in tariff back in April 2010. Consumers are also protecting themselves from rising energy prices by having solar panels installed.

The history of Solar Panels

You will probably agree Solar PV feels like modern technology. It seems only recently that both homes and businesses started covering their buildings with solar panels. In fact, solar energy has been around for decades.

It was in 1767 that a Swiss Scientist first came up with the concept of a Solar Collector. Solar photovoltaic was first founded in 1839 by a French scientist. Solar power started becoming a popular concept in the USA after the Second World War.  In 1958 Solar Power was used in space for equipment such as satellites and space stations, a major step in the use of solar panels. From then on it was the mission of scientists and engineers to make solar panels more efficient and more cost-effective.

The early 80’s saw the invention of the first solar-powered car and airplane. Solar power manufacturers soon followed with further breakthroughs in relation to cost and efficiency.

In 2000 Germany introduced the feed-in tariff and it was not long until other countries such as Spain, Italy, and the UK followed with their own version of government-funded tariffs.

Fast forward to today solar PV is widely used to supplement our electricity usage in our homes and businesses. Millions of people in the UK have had solar panels installed and are benefiting from free electricity.

The benefits of Solar

There are quite a few benefits from installing solar panels to your home, business or new build development. We have listed a few below:

  • – Generate free electricity and cut energy bills
  • – Cut carbon footprints as they produce clean energy.
  • – Some countries offer government incentives, feed-in tariffs and export tariffs.
  • – Sell your electricity back to the grid.
  • – Low maintenance costs compared with other electric generators and power plants.
  • – Source of renewable energy
  • – Can provide SAP points for new builds and developments

The cost of Solar Panels

The cost definitely varies with economies of scale. Hence, the more you install the better value system you end up with. I’m not just talking about large commercial installations but also domestic solar installations.

Caution, this is a guideline price, therefore, it is rough, but, £700 – £1500 per kW is a guide, depending on what type of kit you install and your chosen solar panel installer.

Solar panels, for instance, LG and Panasonic will cost a little more but often are better quality and have longer warranties.

Inverters such as SolarEdge can also cost more but have some incredible benefits that are well worth paying for.

In other words, quality costs more, therefore will increase the overall cost.

If you’re still curious about solar power and solar panel installers, see these links below, for further reading;

Solar panels installed in-roof.

In summary:

  • – Energy Creation is a solar panel installer based in Sussex.
  • – We cover the whole country but mainly work in Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey and London.
  • – PV panels generate electricity. They work by converting daylight into energy, even on days where it is overcast.
  • – Solar panels work by the light given from the sun which energises electrons inside the silicon cells creating the flow of electric current.
  • -The history of solar PV goes all the way back to the 1800s.
  • -There are many benefits to installing solar panels, such as free electricity, export payments and helping support the planet.
  • – The cost of solar depends on the type of equipment installed.

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