Solar Panels for New Builds & Developments

Build more energy-efficient buildings and meet all the minimum renewable energy requirements

Installing solar panels for new build or development offers you the following benefits…

  • Improve your BREEAM Score
  • Meet all the minimum renewable energy requirements
  • Save on roof covering costs
  • Improve saleability by reducing the buildings electricity costs
  • Reduce project carbon emissions
  • Demonstrate market leading design and innovation
  • Comply with local planning conditions
  • Build more energy-efficient buildings
  • Improve Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Encourage sustainable living in the community

It’s an ideal time to install solar panels for new build when at new build stage. The panels can be integrated to the roof. As a result, built into the line of the roof. In some cases, solar panels can become the actual roof. This is known as BIPV, building integrated solar panels. See the below section about integrated solar panels for new builds.

We are working with developers, house builders & housing associations. The aim, to deliver sustainable homes. Building properties with solar panels has numerous benefits. The top 3 being:

Solar panels for new builds….

  1. It can be built into the roof. This saves space & the cost of roof covering.
  2. The system will not take up any room inside the building. This creates building regulation points without compromising internal space.
  3. Solar panels have dropped in price by 80% since 2010. Making solar PV a cost-effective solution to achieving sustainability and meeting building regulations.

Integrated solar panels for new builds

There are many ways of installing solar panels onto a building. However by far, the most aesthetically pleasing has to be integrated solar or BIPV ( Building-integrated photovoltaics).

When building from scratch developers have the luxury of easily integrating solar panels. Particularly into the roof. You can use solar tiles such as the solar century C21e or Tesla, both look fantastic. However, you can achieve a similar look and get better value in terms of cost and output by choosing a standard integrated solar panel. This is achieved by using an integrated frame such as GSE Integration.

It is possible to make the solar panels the roof covering. Like the photo below:

solar panels for new build properties
Integrated solar panels

Solarcentury offer integrated solar panel systems too. One of which includes the c21e solar tile, a very neat product. It seems more popular these days though to install an integrated panel rather than a tile. The benefits are greater. Such as; you can:

  • Install the most efficient panels.
  • Gain more control over the cost.
  • Better flexibility over inverters. Particularly the use of optimisers and microinverters.
  • Often the installation process is much simpler.

Solar panels for new builds is a way to improve your BREEAM score.

Installing solar panels is a cost-effective way to meet all the minimum renewable energy requirements. Above all, it will also improve your BREEAM score.

There are several legal requirements linked to renewable energy. They apply when building here in the UK. Most will have heard of PART L. Part L is the part of the building regulations that require a new build to be self-sufficient. This is for a minimum of 10% of the consumed electricity onsite. Some councils are asking for more. We have heard of 20% or more, hence the importance of installing panels.

For example, consider building projects within Greater London. The ‘London Plan Consultation’ takes this approach by asking developers to ensure all new buildings generate a minimum of 15% of electricity demand onsite from renewable technology. The recent update states that all development proposals should, quote.

“Make the fullest contribution to minimising carbon dioxide emissions in accordance with the following energy hierarchy:

To be…

  1. Lean: use less energy
  2. Clean: supply energy efficiently
  3. Green: use renewable energy”

It is worth noting that the BREEAM assessment isn’t a legal requirement. However, your building’s score can be greatly increased in many of the energy categories when installing a solar panel system. Therefore points given will have a huge impact on the overall score. So it’s something to think about.


Here at energy creation, we provide a specialist service in the design, supply, installation, and commissioning of solar panels. Installing solar panels for new build is not only a good way to build, but also a great way to gain points. These points will help satisfy building regulations.