How much does a solar PV system cost?

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This is the million dollar question that fortunately cost nothing like a million dollars!

The short and honest answer is around £1300.00 per kWp, on a small domestic property falling to around £1000.00 per kWp on larger installations,  but you need to consider a number of things before taking this figure into account, and one of the most important questions should be ‘how much will a Solar PV system save me?’

The initial cost of a Solar PV system is affected by many things other than the cost of the equipment and it is therefore very important to have a survey done by an MCS accredited installer, and get a fixed price in advance. Don’t be fooled by a cheap headline price that is likely to be followed by lots of hidden extras later.

A well installed 3kWp Solar PV system will cost around £4000.00 to install, but will earn you around £14000.00 over the following 20 years in Feed in Tariff payments and energy savings. If you were to install a Solar Energy Storage system alongside this, you can increase your savings by another 30%.

Your Solar PV installation will be made up of a mounting system, (fixed to your roof), Solar panels, (fixed to the mounting system), an inverter to connect the system to your house. These are easy to put a cost to, but each house will require different scaffolding, cabling and sometimes more labour to bring it all together. You will also need an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) in order to claim your Feed in Tariff payments.

Energy Creation Experts will manage the entire process for you from start to finish. All you need to do is tell your energy supplier you are installing a Solar PV system, and then sit back and watch your energy costs start to fall.

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