Solar Panels for Homes

Would you like to save money on your electricity bill? Solar panels for homes – Take the next step to generating your own, free electricity, get a quote, today.

Power your Home with Solar

Installing solar panels is one of our companies main disciplines. It’s something we have been doing for many years now. As a company, our strongest selling points are, firstly, that we can offer our clients a neat package that can include; Solar PV & Solar battery storage. Secondly, we are experienced solar panel installers that have been in the business for many years.

We believe fitting solar panels with battery storage is contributing towards a smart energy grid. A smart energy grid is the future for electricity distribution in the UK.

A solar panel installation for your home could offer an annual return of up to 10%. This is because of both electricity savings and export tariff payments.

Solar & Battery storage

Coupling solar panels with a battery storage system captures daytime solar generation. This energy can then be used day and night. Therefore, this ensures maximum solar power usage (self-consumption) in a post tariff age.

In other words, installing solar without battery storage will only be worth it if you are able to use the energy you generate. Simply because if you don’t use the energy you generate it will flow back to the grid. You will, therefore miss out on the benefit yourself.

Solar panels for homes

Retro-fit solar panels for homes

Fitting solar panels to an existing property is a relatively simple process. For instance, either by installing in-roof solar or on-roof, both is possible.

Solar panels for homes are installed and fastened using specialist fixings.

solar panels for new build properties

Solar Panels for New Homes

When building new homes Solar panels should be an essential part of the build process. Building homes with Integrated Solar Panels (BIPV) or In-Roof solar has become a cost-effective solution. Visit our Solar Panels for New Build page to learn more. Above all, solar PV as a building material can help towards the buildings SAP rating making the home more energy-efficient.

How are solar panels installed to homes?

There are several methods for installing solar panels to homes. The most common method being the on-roof solution. This is where the panels are fixed to your roof and sit on top of the roof tiles or roof covering. Just like this photo of one of our installations (above).

There are other methods for installing solar panels to your home. Such as in-roof, ground-mounted, flat roof-mounted, solar tiles and even wall mounted.

It’s worth checking our dedicated page to solar panel fixing options.

Once the panels have been fitted, cables are installed to an inverter which converts the current from DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current). AC is what is typically used in homes.

The inverter is then connected to your fuse box and during daylight hours when the solar is generating, starts providing your home with free electricity. The electricity that is generated is also metered before it is used. That way the electricity can be officially counted and the consumer can check what they have generated.

Your local solar panel installer

Energy Creation operates nationwide. However, our main focused areas are Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent, and London.

Further Reading

Above all, we recommend the following sites for more information about installing solar panels to your home.

Micro-generation certification scheme (MCS)

Energy Creation are registered under the MCS scheme. We are annually assessed and must meet the minimum criteria. Therefore, we recommend that anyone looking for a solar panel company to install solar panels on there home should look for a qualified MCS installer such as ourselves.

Energy Saving Trust

In the UK we are committed to achieving an 80% reduction in carbon emissions. We must achieve this goal by 2050. The energy saving trust is a leading and trusted organisation. It helps lead the way in helping and informing over energy saving matters.