Solar Panel Carports

Charge your car with solar Panel Carports.

The need for solar panel carports is growing year on year.

Businesses installing solar panels to reduce there cost are all considering carports for a place for their staff to charge their vehicles.

With electric vehicles becoming more common, the vehicle charging market has increased. Therefore, the demand for electricity in car-parks has increased.

Moreover, the space and lack of shade in car parks make them a perfect place to install solar PV.

With car chargers such as the Zappi by myenergi charging cars from solar power has never been simpler.

Zappi is an Electric Vehicle charge point. It has many features offering flexibility. It can maximise your home or businesses micro-generation of Solar or Wind. Hence, why its a good companion to a solar panel car port.

car charger using solar power
Zappi Solar panel Car charger

The solar panels can also provide electricity for the home or business as well as free fuel for the car!

Supporting transport for the future

To help support sustainable transport for the future, we must also provide renewable electric sources.

Carports with solar panels can be installed at residential homes and business premises and public areas with car charging such as retail outlet car-parks, major tourist attractions, busy supermarkets, and railway stations etc.