Solar Battery Storage

Start storing your solar electricity

Energy Creation have several solutions that can be used to store the power generated by your solar panels. Solar power battery storage is fast becoming the next big thing within the Solar Panel industry and installers are constantly being asked to install them.

In our opinion there are 3 major types of solar battery storage that we can install:

Grid Interactive (also known as Grid Coupled)

solar battery storage grid coupledAt Energy Creation this is our most recommended system. If it was on the menu at your local curry house it would be labelled up with “Chefs favourite”!

A Grid interactive system works by storing solar energy whilst your solar PV system is still connected to the grid. The energy can then be used either:

  • at night,
  • during the day
  • or whenever it is needed.

The feed in tariff is unaffected because you are still connected to the grid and your payback meter will still be counting all the units as normal.

In the event of a power cut, the system would disconnect from the grid automatically and the solar panels would continue to charge the batteries. Huge breakthrough! This would mean that you can still enjoy a few basic items like the TV, lighting, some power sockets, the central heating controls and ignition, and more. It all depends on how many batteries you install and how many solar panels you have to charge them! Right, further reading for you. Grid Interactive solar PV Storage systems.

Direct Solar Power Storage (also known as DC Coupled and Hybrid)

solar battery storage dc coupledThis is a cheaper option. You may have seen or heard of some inverters that have a battery installed inside them. This is known as a hybrid system. The solar power is stored up and can then be used at night or when solar generation is low. It can also be installed as retro-fit to your existing inverter by installing a battery and controller inline, before the inverter.

The solar power is stored as DC and uses the solar inverter to convert the electricity back to AC.

The draw backs are that if the power cuts out so does your inverter therefore no battery back-up like the grid interactive system. Also the system isn’t that much cheaper and most can only store a couple of kWh’s anyway.  Do you like this fellow solar friend? If so further reading for you. Hybrid solar systems.

Off-grid (Also known as Grid independent)

Solar battery storage for off gridNow you only really want this system if:

  • You really don’t like your energy company and want to tell them to bugger off altogether! (Grid interactive systems are very similar to this, the energy company are just there for you to use when you feel like it 😉
  • Connecting to the grid is impossible or far too expensive

So if you haven’t already cottoned on an off-grid system is where you produce electricity for yourself and are off-grid altogether. If this is something for you then read on. Solar Off-grid systems.


We install 3 different types of Solar battery storage systems. Solar interactive, DC coupled and Off-grid. In our opinion the best option is to be grid-interactive however sometimes this is not possible so Off-grid and DC coupled become the more preferable options.

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