Hybrid solar battery storage

Installing a new solar system? Maximise self-consumption using a hybrid inverter to store solar power for use at night.

Simply put a hybrid solar battery storage system, utilises the use of the inverter. Using it to both invert the solar energy from DC to AC electricity, AC being what is used in most homes, but also to regulate charge to the batteries.

It is most recommended to install a Hybrid solar battery storage system when installing a new PV installation. It also makes sense where the existing inverter needs replacing.

A hybrid solar battery storage system is DC-coupled, leading to fewer conversions and associated losses. This essentially increases solar panel self-consumption.

It’s all down to system design. It is possible to install fewer components, reducing the number of points of failure and overall cost.

Solis hybrid inverter
Solis Hybrid Solar Inverter

Installing a hybrid battery system will help you to:

  • Significantly increase your solar power self-consumption.
  • Store excess solar power for use later in the day, such as the evening.
  • Use solar power in the morning and evening and when you most need it.
  • Reduce your electricity bill

More information about the benefits of solar battery storage can be found here.

A couple of solar hybrid inverters recommended by Energy creation, are Solis and SolarEdge.