Solar Century C21e Tiles & Slates

Installing Solar PV has become extremely popular here in the UK. Energy Creation are often asked by main contractors and housing developers to install solar panels on new builds. When looking to meet the Code for Sustainable homes designers are choosing solar panels as a relatively cost effective way of gaining valuable points. For some the problem comes when considering the aesthetics of the build and that is where solar century can come in.

Solar installation’s can look stunning with Solar Century c21e Tiles and Slates.
solar PV tiles & slates

Solar century tiles & slates

Solar Century Solar Panel Tiles For New Build’s

Solar Tiles & Slates are easy to install. Traditional roofing skills and techniques coupled with a Solar installer or electrician will see the system go together in no time. The system is fully integrated into the roof making for a perfect way to generate renewable energy without effecting architectural design.

Energy Creation Solar Century C21e Tiles & Slates Installers

We are great believers in making Solar Panels the most aesthetically pleasing as possible which is why we recommend solar century tiles to our customers when building homes across West, East Sussex and Hampshire. Installers here at Energy Creation have been involved in plenty of Solar Century tile and PV installations around Worthing, Chichester, Brighton and Angmering. Its important that installer’s have a good team, one electrician with solar experience and a trained roofer. Luckily for us we have both roofing and electrical knowledge here in house, which helps.

Solar Century C21e Tiles installed in Kent

Solar Century c21e Technical Information

Solar Century offer a range of 3 types of solar PV tiles to suit different roof coverings. These are C21e Solar Slate, C21e Solar Plain tile and C21e Solar roof tile. C21e PV tiles sit flush with the roof covering making it unlikely to obtain further planning permissions. Each tile has a 50Wp output, meaning 138 Wp can be achieved per meter square of area.  They are using Monocrystalline technology which is thought to be the more efficient type of solar cell. They carry a fairly standard warranty. The power output guaranteed for 25 years from date of commissioning (80%
performance) and a 10 year product warranty. Each solar tile can be strung together with others to make up strings much like a standard solar panel system. The Solar tile array can then be coupled with a suitable inverter that will depend on the size of the system. 

Installer in worthing of Solar century C21e tiles


Solar tile

To Conclude

  • Solar Century C21e Tiles & Slates are a fantastic option for those of you who are self-builders, re-roofing, new-builds and alike.
  • It’s not as efficient to install them on an existing roof as you would have to strip it and put the solar tiles in place, but can be done.
  • Solar tiles in general are coming down in price but do cost more than fitting regular retro-fit or integrated solar PV Panels.
  • Energy Creation operate as solar century tile installers in the south east of England if you need a quotation please contact us.
  • For more information regarding Solar Century c21e tiles go to Solar Century’s website —>


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