Tesla Announces Low-Cost Solar Battery Storage

For some time now, Energy Creation from Worthing, West Sussex has been ‘banging on’ about the great concept of Solar Battery Storage, but in the last few days, Elon Musk the interesting Billionaire owner of Tesla Motors has put the subject in the headlines and front pages of the worldwide press, in the way only a billionaire can!

Launching Tesla Solar battery storage packs (the Powerwall), in California, at a very simple but informative press conference that was entirely powered by solar energy stored in batteries, Musk made the case for the future of Energy Storage from our most powerful source, The Sun.

The case is very compelling, and scalable from a simple domestic house to full blown commercial applications. The single most surprising announcement for most was the price point at which Tesla launched their new product. This launch price is only available right now to people installing NEW systems through Solar City, a Solar panel installer from LA that Musk is Chairman of. The product won’t be available to existing Solar users until next year, at which point I suspect that the price will rise a little. We are unsure yet when the Powerwall will be available in Europe, and how much it will cost once import duties and taxes are added.

However, Energy Creation an experienced solar and battery installer have been offering battery storage at prices that make it a ‘no brainier’ for some time. The products that you are just seeing in the headlines are available now.

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