Is battery storage the future for solar PV installations?

Solar power storage unitSince 2010, solar PV installations have increased by 5,500% from 95MW in 2010 to 5228MW in 2014, and hundreds of thousands of business and home owners have benefited from savings on the energy bills as well as substantial payments from the Feed in Tariff.
Many thought it was ‘too good to be true’ in the beginning, but it is now widely accepted that if you can install Solar PV, you will reap the benefits. With average energy prices having risen by a staggering 65% since January 2008 according to Ofgem, it looks like these benefits will only get better over the coming years.

Energy creation experts believe this is only the beginning. What if you could increase your energy efficiency from around 20% to 50%?
When you generate energy with your solar PV during the day and fail to use it all, any surplus production is exported to the grid, and (other than feeling good that you have done your bit towards reducing your carbon footprint), you have wasted a huge opportunity. What if you had stored this energy in batteries and it was there to be used in the evening, surely this would be so much more efficient.

Solar battery storage has been a thing ‘of the future’ with the cost of battery production set too high to make it a viable option, until now. At Energy Creation, we can offer a system that stores your excess energy production in lead acid batteries in a cost effective way, that allows you to use so much more of the clean, green free energy you have produced using your solar PV system. So is battery storage the future for solar PV? Surely it has to be.

The race is on to lower the cost and size of batteries, thereby making energy storage even more cost effective. If more proof were needed, you only need to look at Tesler who produce high end battery cars in the US. They are currently building a factory in Nevada to produce lithium Ion batteries on a previously unthought-of of scale by 2020. Leon Musk, the billionaire chairman is interestingly also chairman of a Solar company called Solar City, also in the US. In a recent interview he commented that Tesler’s factory was set to produce more than the capacity that the car manufacturer needs.
Solar City are installing 500 new solar PV systems in California with built in storage and rolling out an aggressive plan to increase energy storage across homes and business’ in the US.

This technology is going to become the norm in the future, but you don’t need to wait for the future to arrive, it’s available and cost effective here and now. Call energy creation experts for a demonstration or further information.

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