Solar Power Battery Storage for Homes

Start storing your solar power for use in the home.

Adding battery storage to your homes grid-tied solar photovoltaic (PV) system will mean you’ll have 3 methods of using electricity, they are:

1.Electricity from Solar Energy
2. Electricity from power stored in batteries
3. Electricity from the National grid

To be honest, the solar installer network (including us) should have sorted this out years ago. Storing the solar power you generate just makes too much sense to ignore. With a solar panel battery storage system for your home, you can have full use of your electricity at night or in the event of a power cut. It seems bazaar that hundreds of thousands of homes with solar PV can’t use it if there is a power cut. So it is about time we introduced a battery storage system for solar PV. And we are finally there and have a product for Solar Power Battery Storage for Homes and businesses.

solar power battery storage for homes

Batteries that Store Solar Power for use in the Home

The system is relatively simple. Your solar panel system stays as it is and we install some batteries, a battery controller inverter and a changeover unit. The power from the solar panels charges the batteries. The batteries supply the house. Any solar power that is left over gets sent back to the grid as normal. Your feed in tariff is not effected. In the event of a power cut a traditional solar panel system would cut out (stop working) under what is known as the G83 regulations. (G59 regulations for anything over 4kW per phase). However our system takes care of the regulations. If there is a power cut the battery controller stops any power going onto the grid with its own g83 and g59 settings and the batteries continue to take care of the household basic electricity needs. This includes the solar PV, that continues to charge the batteries until they are full. Once full if the grid is still out then the solar will cut out until the batteries need more charge. If the grid comes back online and the batteries are fully charged then the solar power will export to the grid as normal.

solar power battery storage for homeInstalling a grid connected solar power battery unit in the home

If you have solar PV already installed on your home then this is a fairly straight forward job. Your simply adding three components:

  1. Batteries ( this is fairly obvious)
  2. Battery controller / Inverter (This is what protects the batteries and inverts the power from them to AC)
  3. Changeover Switch ( You need to be able to completely turn the system off)

There are obviously other parts that make up the system but that is essentially all that’s needed.

Once the batteries have been installed the home can receive power from three different sources:

  1. The Batteries (charged by the solar panels)
  2. The Solar Panels Directly
  3. The National grid


Installing batteries to your solar PV system will help you to be more independent from the grid. You can harness the solar energy you generate by using the power at night and in times of low light. When the batteries are charged you can use the power off-grid and when they are low you can use the power from the national grid as normal.

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