Benefits of Commercial Solar Panels

There are many benefits to installing Solar Panels
Benefits Commercial solarIf you’re thinking of installing solar panels on your commercial building you are likely mulling over the many benefits already. Or maybe you’re looking at your competitor’s  roofs with envy thinking why solar panels for commercial buildings? What are the benefits? Well my friend there is many.

Take control of rising energy prices

It will depend on our business but pretty much all businesses that own a commercial building will be looking at the cost of electricity and thinking I need to take control of this. If you are like our managing director your be looking at the figures and comparing them year on year. Whichever way you look at it and whatever you hear, electricity is continuing to rise. Solar panels will enable you to produce some of your own electricity and start to gain some control.

Government Financial Incentives

The best incentive is known as the clean energy cash back scheme or the feed in tariff. Companies can install solar pv arrays up to 50kW and claim payments known as the feed in tariff (aka FITs). Solar PV arrays over 50kW come under the Renewable Obligations Certificates (aka ROCs). It is recommended that businesses apply to be included in the ROC scheme with Ofgem.

Reduce your companies CO2 emissions

Installing solar panels will enable your business to cut its CO2 emissions. If you’re paying the Carbon Tax Levy you could make some savings or even better be exempt.

Tax Breaks for businesses

At Present Solar PV systems fall under what is known as the annual investment allowance. Businesses can recoup tax spent on equipment and assets of up to £25,000.

Show your customers you care

Having a huge solar PV array on your commercial building can be great marketing tool. Not only will you be the talking point but also you can produce some material that shows you care. Tell your customers how much CO2 your saving and how green your company has become.

Fit and forget technology (kind of)

There is little maintenance when installing solar panels compared with other renewable energy systems. Most solar panels have a 25 year performance warranty. Keeping the panels clean will ensure you get the best out of the panels.

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