Off Grid Solar PV Battery Storage

Going off-grid is simply where you don’t have a grid connection and you are electrically self-sufficient. Worldwide this is actually the most popular type of solar photovoltaic (also known as Solar PV) system there is.

It’s rare that you see buildings in the UK off-grid however it is becoming more popular in areas where it is expensive to connect to the national grid and where there are frequent power cuts.

It’s becoming significantly popular to use solar power in standalone set-ups for powering electrical items such as road traffic information signs, street lighting, vending machines, ticket machines etc. In many situations it’s simpler, cheaper and safer to install solar power to these types of electrical items than it is to connect them to the grid in some way. It makes it possible to “wheel these items in to place” straight off the production lines.

We are talking here about installing solar panels and battery storage to enable buildings to go off-grid. This could be a home, business, village hall, community building, garage or even a garden shed!

The design process for off grid solar PV battery storage situations is slightly trickier and you will need to be specific about what type of electrical items you will want to run. Based on the information you give us we are able to size a solar and battery system that will enable you to run your electrical items.

Depending on what you are used to, going off-grid may require some change in thinking. For example we would advise against any high-use electrical loads which we would consider inefficient such as Electric induction hobs, electric heating, electric water heating, kettles, hair-dryers etc. Although it is possible to account for these items it will mean more batteries and more solar power will be needed therefore making the overall cost of the system more expensive.
Solar battery storage for off grid


1. Solar Panels
2. Solar Inverter
3. Payback meter
4. The Battery Inverter / Controller
5. Batteries
6. Changeover switch (optional)
7. Generator (optional)


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