Grid Coupled Solar PV Battery Storage

Solar storage that works in-line with the grid

In simple terms, Grid Coupled Solar PV Battery Storage is where you add a battery set to a regular Solar PV System. It can be installed as a retro-fit battery storage system to add to an existing solar panel array or as a part of a new solar panel installation.

The batteries store the electricity that your solar panels generate. You can then use that power at night, during the daytime or in the event of a power-cut. The grid coupled system will also keep the solar panels working and charging the batteries even if there were to be a power cut.

solar battery storage grid coupled

How does Grid Connected Solar Battery Storage Work?

1. Solar Panels
2. Solar Inverter
3. Payback Meter
4. The Battery Inverter / Controller
5. The Batteries
6. Off-Grid Cut Off Switch
7. The National Grid

The grid interactive system is scalable.  You can, pretty much have any size of storage capacity. A typical domestic system costing around £4,500-£5,500 will be able to store between 3-6kWh’s of useable storage.

The batteries come with a 5 year warranty and it is possible to extend this to 10 years for an additional fee.

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