Electrical Efficiency

The Steps To Saving Electricity & Reducing your energy consumption

Electricity is in demand, we all need it. We use it at our own leisure and assume it will always be there waiting for us to come home from work, school, shopping etc! The ugly truth is that actually the UK’s national grid is stretched and we are struggling to keep up with the ever changing ways of the world. Here in the UK, the economy appears to be picking up, manufacturing is possibly cheaper here than in China because of shipping costs and coal stations are being replaced by solar farms and nuclear power.

Because of this things are going to change. There is going to be a need for home and business owners in the UK to take some responsibility upon themselves. Improving the electrical efficiency of your home or place of work is a great place to start. What we mean is, if you can install something that you need such as a light for instance instead of putting in a 100 watt halogen perhaps consider a 11 watt LED that could give you the same amount of light. Or perhaps start monitoring your electrical usage and having a little more understanding about what electricity you are using and what you are wasting.

As well as improving our electrical efficiency we believe that battery storage, renewable micro-grid such as solar and wind power are also going to be essential to securing our energy future.

Battery storage

We supply and install solar battery storage systems, however battery storage is fast becoming a new revelation.  We actually have so much renewable energy in the country now that the national grid are struggling to coupe. Companies such as Moixa technology who are building battery storage units that can be used with or without renewable energy. The thinking is there Maslow Battery Units will store the power we have excess of in the day for use when the grid is struggling at night.

Renewable Micro-grid

How many millions of us now have a small solar panel or wind turbine system connected to our homes? Why not store that energy and use it yourself. Complete electricity independence. Its going to mean that you have to install batteries, maybe solar and make your home more electrically efficient but it is possible and our clients are doing it with little to no back up from the grid.

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