Solar C21e slate install in Chichester

Solar century c21e tiles
  • Solar Panels: Solar Century C21e Slate
  • Inverter: Growatt 3000TL Dual MPPT
  • System Size: 3.15 kWp
  • Amount of Electricity Produced in a Year: 3531.15 kWh’s
  • Annual Co2 Saving:1518.39 kg
  • Location of Solar Installation: Chichester, West Sussex

Energy Creation’s Solar Panel Installers have created a beautiful job of this solar panel array in Chichester, West Sussex. The solar panels used here are known as Solar Century c21e Slates. They are solar panels that are in the shape of regular slates. If your wondering, it is also possible to get these in a plain tile version. That right, Solar Centuries range of C21e tiles and slates means that you can integrate solar panels into your existing roof.

Energy Creation are Solar installers operating in Chichester. The owners of the company have been installing solar centuries solar tiles and slates for several years now. Its an extremely popular well made product. We are proud to have installed so many of these tiles.

This particular solar install had 63 solar C21e slates coupled with a Growatt inverter. Our client can monitor the system using a simple growatt dongle that simply plugs into the inverter and sends information to the internet. This means the solar installation can be monitored from anywhere in the world.

Solar installers Chichester

Energy Creation operate there solar panel company in and around Chichester, West Sussex. If you are looking for a quotation, help with your solar panels or help with making your home more energy efficient. Please contact us today.

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